Makeup Pro 101
(Certified International Makeup Artist® Class)

This intensive, one-day professional class is ideal for beginning to advanced levels building upon your existing skills and directing you in your career as a professional makeup artist. We will cover everything from creating Flawless Naked Skin® with our signature 7-step base technique that incorporates contouring & highlighting, brow shaping and our raved about Brow Lift Technique®, our Eye Amplify Approach® combined with our Eye Color Enhancing® Technique, our Lip Amplify Approach® and basic color theory fundamentals and brush & kit essentials. Learn how to take your work from picture perfect to real life. The focus of this class is to build your skills and acquire new high-caliber techniques based on your individual style and comfort level. Ultimately resulting in an increase in skills and confidence in the art of makeup application. We also cover how to transition from a student kit to building a professional kit and career building & guidance (basically staying busy with clients and being booked consistently as a MUA). Certificate awarded upon successful completion, recognized industry wide (Essential when applying for jobs and ProCards. We have relationships with over 53 different cosmetic companies that honor our certificate).

  1. Creating Flawless Naked Skin® with our signature base technique
    1. Priming & Concealer in the V-Technique®
    2. Mastering the art of foundation: custom color & blending
    3. Contouring & Highlighting to enhance & illuminate the natural beauty
    4. Correcting proportions and face shapes & basic color theory
  2. Essential Eye Fundamentals
    1. Creating the perfect arch and eyebrow shape with our Brow Lift Technique®
    2. Invisible Lash application
    3. Liner and shadow techniques with our Eye Amplify Approach® & our Eye Color Enhancing® Technique
  3. Essential Lip Fundamentals
    1. Exfoliating and Plumping (if needed)
    2. Liner & Color techniques with our Lip Amplify Approach®
  4. Basic Bridal Essentials & Industry Hygiene Standards & Practices
  5. Starting Your Portfolio & Business Growth (Networking/Marketing)
  6. Building Your Pro Kit: Brush & Kit Essentials
  7. Career Building & Guidance
    1. Commercial/Fashion
    2. Freelance
    3. Retail
  8. Certificate Awarded upon Successful Completion
    1. Guidance for ProCards (Glam Lab has relationships with over 53 cosmetic companies)
    2. ProMaterials for Kit

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